Learn how to design and implement a succession plan that will safeguard your child's future when you are no longer able to take care of their needs.

Succession Planning - Safeguarding The Future

Achieve Peace of Mind

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Learn how to design and implement a succession plan that will safeguard your child’s future. Do you often wonder who will take care of your child’s needs when you are no longer able to? Do you experience an underlying level of anxiety about how to plan for their future?

This course is designed to guide you through a number of processes that allow you to explore the best options for your child in terms of how and where they live, who supports them and how they can be safeguarded.

Build a Vision for What's Possible


Explore and build a vision that focuses on strategies and safeguards to provide continuity of lifestyle and support when you’re not there.

Find the Right People to Help

succession planning find the right people

Connect to others and build a network of formal and informal support that understand your vision and are committed to helping your loved one live their best life.

Design Your Succession Plan

design your succession
Document your vision and establish the financial and legal arrangements that ensure your plan is implemented and the future is safeguarded.

Course Content

Welcome to ‘Succession Planning – Safeguarding The Future’
  • What is Succession Planning
  • How to make sure they’ll be ok when you’re not there
  • No one knows how to care for them like you do
  • The Key Components
  • Important Questions to Ask Yourself
  • The Key Elements to Succession Planning
  • What’s Important to the Individual
  • What are the Elements of a Typical Life
  • Living a Meaningful and Productive Life
  • Thinking Differently and Expanding What’s Possible
  • Dreams Involve Taking Risks
  • What is Negotiable and Non-Negotiable
  • Writing a Vision Statement
  • The Strategy for a Whole Life Approach
  • Explore Each Aspect of Life
  • Get Clear About the Details
  • Research Options and Decide Who’s Going to Help
  • Why Should You Involve Others
  • Start with Who’s in Your Life Now
  • What if there is No-One Available?
  • The Issue of Siblings
  • How to Involve Other People
  • What is a Circle of Support?
  • What is a Microboard?
  • Where, Who With, How?
  • Accommodation Options
  • NDIS Funded Options
  • How to Secure Financial Stability

What is a Financial Administrator?

What is QCAT?

Setting up Formal Structures

Understanding Capacity and Legal Capacity

Power of Attorney (POA)


Estate Planning

Making a Will
  • Trusts and Trustees

Statement of Wishes

Superannuation Assets

Statutory Health Attorney
  • Continuity of Lifestyle
  • Documenting Personal Information
  • Draft Lesson
  • Compiling a Document of Personal Information
  • Make A Start & Get Support

The Art of Succession Planning


Compile the Right Information

Capture your knowledge and expertise to present to the people that will be responsible for ongoing development and support.

Build The Vision

Explore the home, living, social and support options that will allow your loved one to sustain their quality of life.

design the plan

Design The Plan

Document your vision and set up the future with clear guidelines, resources, finances and legal arrangements.