Everything you need to know to successfully recruit your own support team

How to Recruit the Ideal Support Worker

End the Frustration

end frustration

Are you directly engaging your support team or looking at the possibility of recruiting your own supports?  

We specialise in helping people build a recruitment strategy that maximises their choice and control around who can facilitate and support them to live their best life. 

Recruiting your support team without the ‘know how’ can be exhausting and often frustrating.  This course helps you design a recruitment strategy that’s ready to go every time you’re looking to recruit.

As we walk you through the process, we impart our favourite tips and tricks to help you attract the ideal canidate while we build your capacity to screen, select, interview and onboard quickly.   

Learn how to write a dynamic job ad

job advert

Stand out from the crowd with an ad that attracts applicants with the skills, expertise and values that you’re looking for. Learn where your ideal support workers’ look for new opportunities and advertise on the right platforms.

Master the art of screening and shortlisting the best applicants

job application

Save time and learn the strategies to screen applications with our top six questions that guarantee your best shortlist and interview.

Understand the legalities and obligations


Onboard your new support worker with the confidence that you’ve covered your obligations and met your legal requirements.

Course Content

  • What’s Important to You About How You are Supported

  • Who’s the Right Fit for You

  • What Values Should You Look for in a Great Support Worker

  • Why is it Important to be a Great Employer

  • What’s the Difference Between a Contractor and an Employee?
  • What are the Qualities of Great Support Workers
  • How to Write a Clear Job Description
  • Design Your Code of Conduct
  • Set up a Recruitment Strategy that’s ready to go every time
  • Deciding Where to Advertise
  • Developing a Job Title to Attract the Ideal Support Worker
  • Drawing the Candidate’s Eye to Key Information
  • Create your One Line Attraction Statement
  • Introduce the Opportunity
  • Describe the Role
  • Tell Your Ideal Person you are Looking For Them
  • List Requirements of your Role
  • Benefits of the Role and Why your Ideal Candidate Should Apply
  • Tell your Ideal Applicant How to Apply
  • Ad Templates and Examples
  • How to Spot the Best Applications Quickly
  • How to Shortlist the Most Suitable Applicants
  • The Top 6 Questions to Ask in Your Phone Interview
  • Values-Led Questioning
  • Situational Questioning
  • Let the Applicant Ask You Questions
  • Where, Who and When
  • The Interview Plan
  • Group Interviews
  • Reference Checking
  • What to Say when Making the Offer
  • What Should I Pay My Support Workers?
  • NDIS Worker Screening Clearance
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Working With Children Check
  • First Aid and CPR Certificate
  • Public Liability and Private Indemnity Insurance
  • NDIS Worker Orientation Module
  • Onboarding Your Contractor
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Onboarding Your Employee
  • Engaging a Third-Party Payroll Service

The Art of Recruitment


Attract the Ideal Candidate

Profile your ideal support worker and design a recruitment strategy that's specifically designed to attract them


Screen & Select

Make decisions quickly based on clear screening criteria and shortlist the best applicants


Obligations & Responsibilities

Know your obligations and responsibilities around engaging your support workers